Washington D.C. and Virginia: Part 1


My last (and by far best) birthday present from my parents was a trip to the U.S. last November. We went to Washington D.C., Virginia and New York!! It was such a cool experience, and even if I’d been in NYC and LA before I was really amazed by all the cool stuff I saw. The first picture has been taken in Virginia (love the name of the state!) at the airport. First thing I did arriving in the U.S. was ordering my favorite Starbucks Latte (Pumpkin Spiced) and some pumpkin cake (yes, I am totally a pumpkin addict). We stayed for a couple of days in Washington before heading to New York.




This burger place was totally fulfilling the american cliché and it had THE most amazing burger I had ever tasted! They even had Obama burgers!



The weather was really awesome and while in Switzerland the first snow was falling, we were enjoying the last sunny and warm days of the end of October.

Unicorn shirt- Dept, Zürich

Pants- Mac, Zürich

Necklace- Tiffany&Co., Zürich

Trench Coat- Burberry, Milan


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