Tamra Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

ImageAfter a four hour flight I finally arrived in Sharm, where we got to our awesome Tamra Beach Ressort. The hotel was really nice, with room for over 700 people and 6 pools!  Fortunately there were not so many people since there it’s also still winter (the temperature was around 24-27°C during the day and 15-17°C during the evening).ImageImageThe food was delicious, we had an italian chef who cooked really good! One of the meals I liked most was the huge fish above, cooked on the grill.ImageImage

ImageImageThe last two pictures were taken in Nama Bay, the newer part of Sharm El Sheikh. There they have lots of shops and small stands that sell all kind of tourist souvenirs. I only bought a Shisha to take home.

Long Dress- NaturaPalermo

Jeans jacket- Stradivarius, Milano

Bag- Stradivarius, Milano

Necklace- Tiffany&Co, Milano


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