Camel ride in the desert

ImageWe went on a really nice excursion where we were taken around by locals. We started our day at 7.30am to head with jeeps direction desert.ImageThe desert in Sinai was not the type we all think of when Egypt crosses our minds. The consistence was not soft sand but rocks and stony sand. Driving with the jeeps through the desert was really tiring since it was really bumpy and we did not have any security belts or similar things to hold us. The local drivers had lots of fun racing against each other.ImageIn the desert of Sinai there are many beduins that are living there. They live a simple life that is totally different from the people in the cities, since most of them never goes out of the desert in their whole life. There are also a lot of beduins that cooperate with tour-operators and interact with tourists, selling them hand-made objects, tea and oils.ImageImageAfter having a delicious mint tea at a beduin tent we went for a camel ride at Three Pools (Dahab) along the beach. Halt an hour on a camel might sound as a short time, but believe me, it isn’t!ImageImageImage

Leather Chucks- Converse, New York

Dip Dye Shorts- Circle of Life, Zurich

Pink T-Shirt- PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Washington D.C.

Skull Scarf- Primarkt, London

Studded Jeans Shirt- Machima, Berlin

Armcandy, Necklace & Earrings- TiffanyCo, Nove 25, Cruciani

Sunglasses- Ray Ban


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