Abu Galum

ImageMy last post about Egypt will be about my favorite place I visited there: Abu Galum. It’s a natural park which has been protected by the law from building, littering and modifying. The coral reef there is one of the most famous and beautiful in the whole world.ImageWe went there for a half-a-day-trip to do some snorkeling and enjoy the beautiful nature Egypt has to offer. The landscape was made mainly of desert and beaches, with little vegetation.ImageThere were really interesting plants and vegetation. I specially liked the mangroves (trees which grow in the water, you can find them in Africa, Egypt and few other places since they are rare plants.ImageImageImageImageIf you plan to visit Abu Galum I recommend you to go early in the morning (we arrived at about 8-8.30am) since you will find empty beaches. Later during the day more and more tourists will come, so you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful nature. The coral reef offers a variety of fish, the ones I saw and liked most where the barracuda, the electric eel, different types of clownfish and a huge turtle.ImageImageImage


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