Winter in Berlin- Part 3, Berlin Mitte

ImageGood afternoon everybody! After my last posts about Berlin (herehere and here) I’m going to tell you a bit more about my favorite spots in one of the best capitals in the world. The pictures have been mostly taken with my iPhone.

ImageWatch- Urban Outfitters, Berlin; Bracelets- Topshop, London; Glitter pullover- Vintage; Glitter long sleeve shirt- Machima, BerlinImageImageThis totally cute shop called Broke & Schön is a total must-see for all fashionistas and girls who love cute and fashionable dresses. I found there the dress you can see in the picture as well as my black velvet leggins you might remember from the bunny hat post.ImageImageIf you are looking for a late brunch I have the perfect spot where you can find fresh fruit juices and delicious bacon: Blaues Band. It’s located in “Berlin Mitte” near lots of cute shops. Since I love japanese food I could not resist to eat some sushi. We went to Go-Ko, a totally cute sushi place and had the surprise platter you can see in the picture below. The prices are really good, as is the quality of the fish & the service! ImageImageCheckpoint Charlie was a bit of a delusion for us since we walked for a long time in the freezing weather just to take this one picture.ImageImageImageImageImage


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