Salon du Chocolat, Zürich

ImageHello everybody! On Saturday and Sunday I went to the Salon du Chocolat in Zurich to promote a new chocolate drink which was created in Zurich. Choclo is a really fancy new drink which is made out of sparkling water and 12% cocoa beans. It’s really special since it doesn’t have any milk or caffeine inside and has 1/3 less sugar than coke.   ImageThe promoteam with Franz Ziegler, the developer of choclo.ImageImageImageImageImageImageHere some impressions of the whole Salon du Chocolat….ImageImageImageThere was a daily fashion show with dresses made out of chocolate (not completely, just some decorations and other parts).ImageImageImageImageImageHonold had some delicious special chocolate, especially the Chai Latte one.ImageSadaharu AOKI was my absolute favorite. They had lots of fun&colorful chocolate and some freshly made, warm macarons. Inside matcha (green tea) and outside chocolate. Pure heaven! They have shops in Paris, Tokyo and Taipei so if you happen to pass by one of those cities you MUST absolutely try this ones!ImageImage


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