Mint and Barley Summer Salad


Tonight for dinner I decided to make a new salad, which is perfect for summer! I made a small portion for three people, it’s perfect as a main dish. You will need one spring onion (you can use more if you really like them), a courgette, a pepper, some fresh basil, mint and parsley, salt, yellow pepper, oil, 150g of barley, 200g of feta, one big untreated lemon, a big chili pepper, a bouillon cube and two garlic cloves.ImageFirst of all you need to boil some water, add the bouillon cube and let the barley cook for about 10 minutes in a pressure cooker. In the mean time you can start to chop into very small pieces (the smaller the better) the spring onion, courgette, pepper, chili pepper, feta and garlic. Put some water in a pan and let the spring onion and the garlic cook until the water boils, then add some oil and the courgette, pepper and chili pepper. Let the veggies cook for about 10 minutes, they should remain a bit crunchy.ImageOnce the barley and vegetables are ready add the juice of a lemon, mix them together in a bowl and let the whole salad cool down (you can also eat it warm if you prefer, but  I think it’s better when it’s cold). Before serving add some fresh basil, mint and the feta cheese. You can also put some more chili peppers and onions to garnish if you like.Image


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