ImageImageLast monday we celebrated “Sächsilüüte” in Zurich. It’s a very traditional holiday in Zurich, which represents the beginning of spring. It’s held on the 3rd Monday of April each year. On Sunday there is a children’s parade and on Monday the “real” parade of the “Zünfte” (guilds) takes place. There are 26 guilds in Zurich, during the parade they wear traditional costumes and have each their own band, often even a small horse draw floats! The guilds end their parade at the “Böögg”, a snowman that should stand for the winter. Originally the “Böögg” used to frighten children during carnival. The horses of the guilds ride around the “Böögg” and at 6 pm the Böögg gets lit on fire. This serves as a weather oracle for the summer- the shorter the “Böögg” takes to blow up (the firecracker in the had has to explode), the warmer the summer will be! The shortest time has been in 1974 with 5:07 minutes. Let’s hope the summer won’t be short and cold! At night the legendary Use it! party takes place at Kaufleuten, one of the most famous clubs in Zurich. It’s really cool because lots of young people come dressed with historical costumes from their guilts and the party is spread over three different floors- a must see if you happen to be in Zurich on the Sächsilüüte! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOutfit: Mocassins- Milanomade, Milan; Jeans- American Eagle, New York; T-Shirt- DEPT; Bag- Furla; Jewellery- Tiffany&Co, Nove25


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