Hong Kong – 香港


Hong Kong-  香港

I had been to China in 2006 but what I found in HK was completely different from what I expected and from what I had get to know. A city with over 7 Mio. of inhabitants (and an amazingly high density of 6,544/km2 compared to Switzerland which only has 193/km2), booming with lights, signs, smells and a huge amount of people. I stayed there for about a week at the Yessin Hostel which was in a central area (right near the metro station Fortress Hill and a Starbucks) and very clean. The number of skyscrapers is simply amazing, definitely a must-see if you love the modern cities! I personally enjoyed the best view from the Victoria Peak (images below). Be sure to arrive up before sun set and stay until it gets dark to have the most out of the view! Not only the front side is amazing, on the back you will find another astonishing view of the sea and the hills. Another awesome point for a good shot is the avenue of the stars (picture above).


On our third day we decided to go for a trip to the Buddha Island. The main attraction is the big Buddha (which you can see on top of the hill) and the cable car which takes you there. To get to the cable car we took the star ferry and then a bus which took us directly in front of the cable car. There are faster ways to get there, but I think that a trip with the ferry is definitely a must to see the beautiful nature around Hong Kong. The Buddha itself was a bit of a disappointment but we found a really interesting temple nearby. The cable car ride was the best part since you get an awesome view of the whole city (it’s located near the airport, which you can see on the picture).


The Hong Kong cuisine is very particular and offers a variety of food, from dim-sum to noodles and even western food: Hong Kong has it all. The best way to discover special food is to follow locals and try out new things. One of the best places was the Sweet Dynasty in Tsim Tscha Sui which has a huge variety of all Hong Kong Style desserts.


The goldfish market and the flower market in Mong Kok is worth a visit, even if like me you don’t approve of animals being sold in that way. From a cultural point of view it’s pretty interesting, as is the area around it, which is less touristic than others.



If you have an extra day as we did or just want to escape from the suffocating heat of the city I would recommend you to go to the beach. We took a bus which stops at different beaches and had a look at different ones before choosing the one furthest from the center. As a result we didn’t find lots of people, had mainly locals around us and could enjoy an afternoon of relax. The water is really warm and there are shark nets around the bathing area so you can easily stay in the water the whole afternoon.



2 thoughts on “Hong Kong – 香港

  1. Kate says:

    Whaddd uppp 🙂
    I stumbled on your blog by accident. But I really love it so far. Amazing pics from your journeys. I envy you sooo much!
    I love your fashion pics and style in the older posts hope we could see more of those in the future.
    Keep up the great work!

    Greetings from the Netherlands


    • chichiconut says:

      Hello Kate!

      Thank you so much- really happy to hear that you like my blog 🙂 I’ll try to update my blog more often once I’m done with my finals! You can follow me on bloglovin, facebook, instagramm (where I post more often) or twitter to get an update on new blog posts 🙂

      Have a nice day!

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