Toscana, Italy


It’s been a while since I’ve been posting- I’ve had a lot going on with finals at university and a very exciting backpacking trip (I’ll tell you all about it another time!). In December I’ve done a road trip to Tuscany to spend Christmas with my family there.


The beautiful town of Siena is packed with cute typical stone houses and offers loads of delicious treats, such as ricciarelli, panforte, cavallucci and cantucci (you can see some of them on the picture below). Make sure you try them if you’re there! If you don’t happen to have such a sweet tooth as I do, you can find fresh fish, big steaks (“bistecca alla fiorentina”) and other delicious italian cuisine. I discovered thinly slices smoked tuna (picture below), eaten with some crumbled bread.


We stayed on the country side, in one of the typical stone houses, surrounded by nothing else than fields and a few other inhabitants. The view out of the window was simply breathtaking.Image

We did a day trip to Florence. I love the town! It’s packed with little cute shops and bars and offers so many churches, buildings and art to see! My personal highlight was the Santa Maria della Croce church and the Gucci Museum (don’t miss their book store, it has a huge selection of art, fashion and architecture books). Walking through the streets of Florence one could really imagine to be back in the Renaissance period, walking next to Dante and Michelangelo.



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