Krabi and Ao Nang: families, couples and street food


Sunset at Ao Nang Beach

I arrived at the small Krabi airport and took a local bus to Krabi town. I ended up in Ao Nang. From there I had to take a local tuctuc (called „bus“ by locals) back to Krabi town, which is about 30 minutes away. The temperature was really high (felt like 38°C according to my iPhone) and walking around with a backpack was really tiring.


The backpacker’s attire: a Chang crop top (neon of course!) bought at Khao San Road (BKK) and tubing bracelets (Vang Vieng)


I stayed at the Pak Up hostel which was a very nice and modern place. It used to be a school and they have kept the setting of it: the rooms have names of school subjects. I just read a nice hostel review on the blog Two One Way FlightsImage


You can take a local „bus“ (more of a bigger car where you can hop on and off) to go to Ao Nang. Be careful not to mistake them with the local taxis which are black and red and cost way more than the white busses.



Ao Nang has a nice beach from where you can see a beautiful sunset. Be prepared to find a place which is packed with Russian tourists, families with children and couples. I enjoyed chilling at the beach until sunset and walking by some shops in Ao Nang on the way to the bus stop.

ImageKrabi town itself didn’t seem to have much to do. In the evening I went to an amazing night market where there were exquisite souvenirs, dance shows and the best street food in Thailand! I have always been a little picky about food, but at that point I decided to try out quite a few things (and didn’t get sick!). ImageImageImageImage

Traveling from Krabi to the islands

There are plenty of places selling ticket for ferries towards the islands. I got my ticket directly at the hostel lobby. Some research for the prices might be worth some baht: the place opposite to the hostel had the same tickets for 20B less! I got picked up at the hostel by a tuctuc (1h30 before the ferry left). By the pier we had to wait quite a while before boarding our ferry. I decided to sit outside on the upper deck (under the sun on the floor) which gave me a really nice sight of the surroundings. You can also sit downstairs where there are seats and air-conditioning. Luckily I could take my backpack up with me, some had to leave it somewhere downstairs. DON’T FORGET TO PUT ON SUNSCREEN AND WEAR A BIKINI if you decide to do the same. I ended up arriving in Phi Phi sunburned with tank top marks. ugh. Image


  • Food: from 10-30 B (street food)
  • Transportation: 50 B (white car Krabi town – Ao Nang) – 90 B (airport transfer to Krabi town)
  • Ferry to Koh Phi Phi: 300 B
  • Hostel: 270 B

ImageKrabi is way cheaper than the islands in the south, but somehow I managed to spend about 900 B (20 US$) for a whole day. To cut down on expenses only have street food and travel with white cars („busses“) only.



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