Koh Lanta – beach, sunset and mango shakes

_DSC3432After almost a week in Koh Phi Phi I had enough of the partying and the whole wildness of the island. I wanted to wear shoes and nice dresses again and ditch my yellow “Fat Monkey” tank top, which was the only thing I was wearing in Phi Phi besides my bikini. I booked a boat to Koh Lanta (it was about 1h ride) and headed towards the pier early in the morning. The boat ride was less pleasant this time, since I got to sit inside with air-condition.

I stayed at the Peacock hostel, which was located right next to the pier. The hostel was very nice and was built right on top of the water. I stayed in an 18-bed fan dorm (at that time I had gotten used to many people sleeping in one room).IMG_0690


A bar by the beach – the perfect place to chill and have a nice thai curry!

_DSC3395 Koh Lanta is the perfect place to go and relax after an island like Koh Phi Phi. I stayed there only 24h and didn’t do much besides watch another sunset by the beach, have a great mango shake and eat some street food at the local night market. You’ll find many cute restaurants and hotels and the island is way bigger and less touristy than Phi Phi (but it doesn’t look half as nice, especially the beach!) For a delicious breakfast next to the pier (and the hostel) check out the Catfish Café – a bookstore & café  with lots of cute cats and delicious food! In addition to the delicious bacon & eggs I got fresh fruit, but had to take it to go to try and catch my bus!   IMG_0710

Expenses Koh Lanta

Hostel: 315 B

Food & drinks: 40-170 B (street food – beach restaurant/ breakfast at Catfish)

Transport: 100 B (tuctuc to the beach and back), 300 B (bus to Krabi airport)

_DSC3424After 24h in Koh Lanta it was time to head back to Krabi airport to catch my flight to Bangkok. While I was having breakfast at the Catfish cafe I missed the bus who came to pick me up 15 minutes to early (which wasn’t what I had experienced up until then in Thailand & Laos, where busses usually run late by 20-30 minutes and the hostel owners come looking for you). Once I arrived and the bus was gone I panicked. The hostel owner was really nice, she made some calls and next thing I new I was sitting behind a scooter (of course without a helmet), riding for a good 15-20 minutes through the island. I arrived at the pier to find my bus just boarding the ferry to the mainland – just in time to swing my bag in and get the ride to the airport. I was amazed how kind and helpful most Thai people were I met! A big thank you to the stranger who made me catch my flight! 🙂 IMG_0713


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