It’s been 24 days since I’ve started my trip to Japan. I’ve been so busy tasting fresh sushi, riding bicycles, visiting museums, onsen, vulcanos and cities that I haven’t found time to write about all of it on my blog jet. _DSC4999 Japan is a wonderful country, filled with marvelously friendly and helpful people (mainly). I’ve been helped in many situations where I was “lost (in translation)” and couldn’t find any way out. Backpacking in Japan is tough. I had read about it on the few travel blogs I found and had to try it first hand to believe it. Not SE Asia or Europe. Japan is a country by itself and offers way more culture than you would immagine. I find myself often (even for several days) in places where I don’t see any western people and can barely speak with anybody (language barrier ahoy!). Living with it may be the hardest part. At first it’s interesting, but it can get very annoying from time to time. I think that Japan has been the hardest country to travel in from all the places I’ve been up to now – but definitely also one of the most interesting! I’d rather be surrounded by locals and try to understand more about their backgrounds than stay in places packed with backpackers who don’t care about much else than getting wasted and partying. More to follow about the places I’ve seen (already in my Destinations List) – for now I’m off to enjoying the last couple of days in Japan! For pictures check out my Instagram, Sayonara for now!


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