Osaka’s Dotonbori – a foodie’s paradise in pictures


Yes, I do look tired. Just keep in mind that I had been traveling by night bus for 2 nights, sleeping in a hostel where nobody spoke a word of english (& I had to wait about 1h for somebody to let me in since I arrived around midnight) – so the delicious food was probably the best thing that could have happened to me then πŸ™‚


A short walk from Namba station lies the famous Dotonbori in Osaka – paradise for all of the foodies like me out there!

On the street you can find many typical Japanese and local dishes, prepared freshly for you at any time of the day. Between one meal and the other take a stroll down the Shin Sai Bashi Suji (a covered shopping street). For wifi & coffee there is a huge Starbucks nearby._DSC4824_DSC6006_DSC4825_DSC4827Dotonbori was by far my favorite spot in Osaka – I ended up there again when I came back from the south on my way back to Tokyo. There is so much to do with eating, shopping and taking pictures! _DSC4844 _DSC4850It has definitely been one of the highlights of the whole trip. The street looks completely different by night – make sure you stay long enough to see all the neon signs!_DSC6033 _DSC6046 _DSC6045 _DSC6039 _DSC6052

Food you must try in Dotonbouri:

Tako-yaki (try out the restaurant with the huge octopus sign right at the beginning of the road – you can get 8 different ones in one serving!)_DSC4805_DSC4813

–Β Fugu:Β pufferfish, best eaten as sashimi (can be lethal if not cut in the correct way)_DSC6016

–Β Okonomiyaki: japanese pancake, ingredients vary from region to region

–Β Kushikatsu: fried food on sticks (look out for this angry man holding kushikatsu in his hands – THE place to go, even if only for 1-2 sticks!)_DSC6027


First kushikatsu order! You dip the sticks into the sauce (aluminum bowl) – but only ONCE (because the sauce doesn’t get changed for every new person). Personal favorites: cheese, pumpkin & sweet potato!


It was only because of Natsumi that I discovered kushikatsu!


In this little restaurants you order and pay for your food outside on these machines and then go inside to eat.

– everything else you manage to stuff into yourself – by far the biggest variety of food on a street I’ve seen in Japan!_DSC4839_DSC4811The first time I was in Osaka I only spent 1Β night/day there and headed to Kyoto for dinner afterwards.Β _DSC6030

Train to Kyoto: local train, 45 minutes, 560 Yen. On the way back to Tokyo I stopped again in Osaka for 1 night and went back by night bus (8h to Shibuya)._DSC4790


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