Yokohama & Kamakura – weekend getaway from Tokyo


The last weekend in Japan I went to do a short trip to Yokohama & Kamakura before returning to Tokyo. On the way to Kamakura I stopped in Yokohama for half a day and strolled around. I started by walking to Motomachi road, then went to Chinatown and finally to the walk along the sea before heading back to the station. _DSC6070 _DSC6072 _DSC6078 _DSC6079 _DSC6080 _DSC6081 _DSC6087  After a train ride I arrived in Kamakura and went to my hostel in Hase (Iza Kamakura). Yet again I felt in a completely different Japan than I had experienced during the first three weeks of travelling around the country. The crowd was strictly locals, escaping the cities to relax by the sea for the week(end). Also the people who I met there seemed to be more relaxed than in the city. I was amazed by the amount of Japanese girls I saw tanning by the beach, just like in Europe (just to state that not all stereotypes are always true). Kamakura is a cute little town with a big Buddha and a beach to relax for a day or two.  _DSC6118 _DSC6124 IMG_3099 IMG_3110 IMG_3124 IMG_3126 IMG_3128 IMG_3167


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