Summer in Tokyo – the highlights & must-sees

Tokyo has it all. Fashion, food, architecture, entertainment and many other things – if you can’t find it in Tokyo, it certainly doesn’t exist. There is far more behind the neon lit signs and colourful clothing shops. The vibe varies from one area to another and you can be assured to find a hundred different cities combined into a big one. I don’t think I could ever get sick of Tokyo, but in case you’re only there for a short while – here’s a list of the top sights._DSC6525 1. Harajuku: a walk through the “teen heaven” of Takeshita Dori while enjoying a delicious crêpe, some interesting street style and many (vintage) shops selling crazy new apparel- what’s not to love about Harajuku?  (read more)_DSC6195 2. Tsujiki Fish Market: if you love fish than this is your place – extremely photogenic fish and a hectic vendors life (about 50’000 workers and 14’000 retailers come to do daily business) can be seen here daily (make sure to check when it’s open online!). And there is no other place in the world where having sushi for breakfast would be more normal. Unless you’re crazy about tuna (the auction starts extremely early) it’s enough to arrive by 9-9.30am to still see some fish._DSC6374 3. Nui Hostel: the local vibe this hostel offers is something very unique. Go there for amazing coffee, cocktails and bar food as well as to talk with locals and experience the culture._DSC44474. Roppongi’s Mori Tower: located near the Roppongi Hills shopping centre (well worth a visit for architecture lovers!) – the ticket gives  you access not only to a breathtaking observation deck, but also to a modern art museum with an exquisite collection (lots of photography and videos!)_DSC44615. Shinjuku & Shibuya: people, people and more people. The busiest crossing in the world, huge neon signs and shopping malls – you’ll find it all here. Just make sure you don’t get lost when switching subway where 13 other lines pass by. Don’t miss the Hachiko crossing in Shibuya, which is said to be the busiest crossing in the world!_DSC4601_DSC46146. Amazing architecture: the Tokyo National Gallery is just one of the many examples – Tokyo seemed to me (a complete stranger to architecture) like a playground for architects. You’ll find buildings in every possible shapes. Don’t forget to look up when you walk around. Another amazing place is the St. Mary’s Cathedral._DSC4547 7. Lost in translation: discover areas which are recommended by locals rather than by guides. Try to immerse yourself in the culture and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded only by locals and Japanese signs. Getting off the tourist track in Tokyo leads to many interesting findings. Try out Meguru and Naka-Meguru for independent and cute shops._DSC4634_DSC46378. Asakusa Kannon Temple: highly touristic, but worth a visit! Stop by the numerous stands to grab some snacks & souvenirs and make sure to explore the small side streets for interesting sights._DSC4382_DSC4387  9. Crazy Cafés with Themes: you’ll find coffee shops with many different animals such as cats, dogs, owls, goats and even reptiles. They’re distributed around town evenly, so try to google and find out where they are! You can also find cafés with themes such as maids/ butlers (in Akihabara), Alice in Wonderland and many other characters!_DSC4400 9. Akihabara: maid cafés and geek paradise- the electronic district of Akihabara will make your heart beat faster! You’ll find all the gadgets you’ve been dreaming for, girls dressed in maid outfits and many neon signs. Best around sunset & evening when the lights come to life. For more mangas head to Mandarake in Nakano._DSC441810. Life on the slow lane in Yanaka: if you think of Tokyo as a city with neon lit sights and people who never sleep – head to Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi to find a relaxed way of life, just a couple of stops away from the big city life madness. Walk around the area and enjoy people watching. Make sure to go before sunset because the stores close early, like in a little town in Switzerland! It’s the perfect place to experience some more traditional way of living in a picturesque spot, where time seems to have stopped a century ago._DSC6569 _DSC6571 _DSC6580


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