Japanese Food

Foodies, read on (lots of pictures of mouthwatering food will follow – I’ve warned you!)IMG_3270If you love to eat, especially fish & meat, Japan is the place for you to go. From sashimi so fresh, it still wiggles to kobe beef, which is so tender it will melt in your mouth.1. Tai Chazuke: Sashimi on a bowl of rice, to eat with a delicious sesame sauce and green tea poured over the rice/ fish. By far the best dish I’ve ever had.IMG_2892IMG_25832. Sushi & Sashimi : no trip to Japan could be complete without them. Try all the different types of fish and forms – for breakfast (yes, that’s a thing at the Tokyo Tsujiki Fish Market), lunch and dinner. Sushi from back home will be plastic compared to this one, trust me. _DSC4271_DSC4269 IMG_2638Don’t miss pufferfish sashimi (fugu), known to be letal if cut in the wrong way._DSC6016For a change try sashimi on rice in a bowl. IMG_32003. Green Tea: everything made out of matcha (green tea powder) is just completely different in Japan. Even the Matcha Frappuccino tastes better than back home!Must try are the Japanese-French fusion desserts of Sadaharu Aoki (personal favourite: matcha ice cream macaron).IMG_2271IMG_2568_DSC4853 One of the best desserts I’ve tried was a green tea matching a soft rice cake.IMG_25874. Deep fried everything – from Tempura to Kushi Katsu: Fried chicken and shrimps, combined with various delicious sauces and cabbage – you think you’ve reached the highlight of unhealthy-food heaven..but just wait until you combine this with sticks and get Kushikatsu: deep fried everything on sticks (personal favourite: cheese croquettes, sweet potato & pumpkin). _DSC4757IMG_2233IMG_2286_DSC4816IMG_3057IMG_29755. Kobe beef: beef so tender that it will melt in your mouth, even before reaching your teeth. Cooked to perfection in front of you, just as you wish – no sauces, no spices, just beef._DSC5812_DSC5832IMG_2967Even if not Kobe, you’ll find delicious steaks in Japan – you get to grill them yourself and they are tender and delicious!IMG_32536. Harajuku Crêpes_DSC4305 IMG_23387. Ramen: fast, cheap and usually delicious noodles. With or without soup, hot or cold- always perfect for a quick bite. The come in huge bowls and you get to slurp them making all the noises you weren’t allowed when you were a kid. Personal favourite: vegetarian Udon soup.IMG_2362IMG_25318. Local delights: every region has it’s specialities, make sure to try them all! Tako-yaki balls on Dotonbouri_DSC4793 _DSC4805 Hiroshima Oysters_DSC4872Hiroshima pancakes_DSC5687IMG_2516IMG_2902Matsuyama Sweets_DSC5226Kakuni-Majo (bun with pork in sweet sauce from Nagasaki)IMG_2786Cucombers on sticks_DSC51909. Dumplings & Gyôza_DSC4811 IMG_3037IMG_3060IMG_306610. Sake: plum, sweet potato or rice. Best on the rocks or with soda. _DSC5679      _DSC5848  11. Entire fish (to be eaten with chopsticks) _DSC6151 12. Warm rice crackers   IMG_2284 13. French Patisserie / Boulangerie carb heaven is in Japan, where you’ll find french bakeries at every corner selling freshly-baked goods.               IMG_3006 14. Amazing coffee & European food :   not only does Japanese cuisine offer a huge variety of dishes- it also has amazing Western food (just in case you miss home a little bit sometimes, or have a sushi overdose). IMG_3242

A month in Japan has been lots of fun with trying out different types of food – I’m glad to having experienced so many delicious treats! Eating has been by far one of the highlights of the trip!


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