Bucket List

I’ve always been keen on writing lists, so I’ve decided to start a list about things I want to do and places I want to go!


  • Live in a camper for a couple of weeks
  • Teach English as a volunteer
  • Learn to surf, kite surf, windsurf, waterski & dive
  • Get the PADI
  • Go on a hot air ballon at sunset, skydiving, paragliding & bungee jumping
  • Swim with dolphins & sharks
  • Celebrate Christmas and New Year at the beach
  • Meet travel buddies in their home countries
  • Couch surf & camping
  • Do a road trip
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Do a RTW trip
  • Fill my passport with stamps before it expires
  • Find my own paradise island (up to now: Koh Phi Phi, Koh Rong)
  • Book a spontaneous trip
  • Inspire friends to travel
  • Travel only with hand luggage (only had 8kg in my backpack last time)
  • Visit 30 different countries
  • Visit 40 different countries
  • Visit 50 different countries
  • Be able to speak fluently Russian, Spanish and French


  • Surf in Australia (Byron Bay!)
  • See wild koalas, wallabies & kangaroos
  • Spend New Year’s Eve & Christmas in Sydney (2014-2015)
  • Do a road trip on the east coast
  • Go to Cairns
  • Explore the outback
  • Eat an amazing steak & try Australian Wine
  • Go diving & snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef
  • See the Tasmanian Wilderness & Eat fresh Tassie Oysters
  • Have amazing fresh and local food

SE-Asia/ Asia

  • Get a tailored dress & suit
  • Visit new countries in Asia: Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Nepal
  • Swim in the MBS Infinity Pool (Singapore)
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year
  • See sunrise from a temple in Bagan
  • Trek through remote villages
  • Jungle & beach parties in Koh Rong


  • Go to the full moon party in Koh Phangan
  • Diving in Koh Tao
  • Songkran
  • Island hopping
  • Drink Chang beer


  • Activities: learn to cook Japanese,  tea ceremony in Japan, calligraphy course, onsen, Mt. Fuji, karaoke, ski, ramen museum, a neko (cat) café, maid cafe, lavender fields (Furano), picnick in a park (during sakura), sumo fight, carry an umbrella in the sun, wear socks with toes, press all buttons in a Japanese toilet, take pictures with “V” sign with locals ,shinto shrine, learn to eat with chopsticks
  • Buy something from Hello Kitty, buy a Kimono and walk around in it for a day (done in Kyoto with a yukata (summer kimono made out of cotton)!)
  • Food: matcha desserts at Sadaharu AokiHave all-you-can eat sushi & try out every single sushi on the menu, Fugu, Kobe beef, MOS Burger, Nabemoto, okinomiyaki, shabu-shabu, takoyaki, tempura, udo & soba noodles, miso soup, green tea ice cream, 
  • Drink: Asahi beer, have a Starbucks drink you can only find in Japan, sake
  • Tokyo: see the fish market & buy fresh fish, Harajuku, ride the subway 
  • Take pictures of: Tokyo by night, Salarymen, “Geisha”, Mt. Fuji, Streetstyle in Harajuku, in the purikura (photo machines), sakura (cherry blossoms)
  • Learn Katakana & Hiragana as well as some Kanji, be able to read the Japanese Newspaper and speak only Japanese for a whole day
  • Go to Kanazawa, Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima
  • Travel with the Japan Rail Pass and the Japan Bus Pass, Shinkansen
  • Sleep in a capsule hotel, in a traditional tatami-mat room

South America

  • Go to South America
  • See the Machu Picchu & the Colca Canyon
  • Learn to distinguish Lamas from Alpacas
  • Visit Brasil
  • Go to see the Carnival in Rio
  • Drink Tequila in Mexiko
  • Have an amazing steak in Argentina
  • Bolivia: La Paz & Salar Uyuni


  • Experience Canadian winter
  • Watch a Hockey game where Canada plays
  • Go (heli) skiing
  • Go hiking in a lumberjack shirt
  • Take beautiful pictures of lakes & mountains
  • Feed chipmunks
  • Eat fresh fish in Vancouver


  • Do the Transibirian journey from Beijing to Moscow
  • Go to St.Petersburg
  • Eat caviar in Russia
  • Have a chat with old people in Russian
  • Read Tolstoj’s War & Peace in Russian

What’s on your bucket list?


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