Koh Phi Phi – paradise island?

Koh Phi Phi was not what I had expected it to be. I must say I stumbled on it randomly, but have found it to be “the paradise island” all the backpackers seem to look for (watch “The Beach” for reference, even if only for young Leo).

PP Beach early in the morning

PP Beach early in the morning

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Vang Vieng – free buckets, tubing and french fries

After surviving a 5h minivan ride from Vientiane to Vang Vieng on bumpy mountain road with a beautiful scenery we arrived at the bus station. Luckily traveling with 6 people we were able to have a 12-seat-minivan all to ourselves (at the same price as a seat in a touristy minivan). The road was really bad and I was glad not to suffer from road sickness. Keep in mind to take some pills with you if you don’t resist to a roller coaster style ride for 5h (and make sure to eat enough for breakfast!). The road was way worse than I had imagined since the driver kept speeding up and down narrow mountain roads next to cows and bikes. I think the best and most fun way would be to travel by scooter/ motorcycle. There are also bigger busses at the same price, I guess they would be less bumpy.Image

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Backpacking through SE-Asia: Chiang Mai

 Arrival, transportation & hostel

I arrived at the Chiang Mai airport from Singapore and headed for the official taxi stand outside. The organization of the cabs was amazing: you would give your address to a woman which would calculate the price until your destination and then assign you a driver. Like this you were sure not to overpay the driver. I stayed at a hostel called The Living Place which was one of the best places I stayed at during my whole trip. The staff was really nice and introduced me to all people when I arrived (it was kind of weird when he went like “hey everybody, this is Giny” and everybody answered “hey Giny!”- I felt like joining a self-aid group). I slept in the room on the first floor (16 bed dorm) in a top bulk. The beds were clean, big and comfortable. The hostel itself was very clean and the owners (who had a travel/ booking agency) really cared for the guests and suggested and booked activities and trips. For the price it was a very good deal, but don’t expect anything too fancy- it’s just a nice and simple place to stay. I chilled out quite a lot at the hostel and met many nice people. In the evenings we played cards over some Changs and later went out to some clubs.

The street where the hostel was located

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ImageOn Saturday we had the famous Streetparade in Zurich, a huge techno-rave festival which takes place once a year in August. We usually dress up a little bit crazy (above the outfit I had this year, the last picture shows the one from last year). It was one of the most amazing days of the summer- you shouldn’t miss it if you love electronic music and happen to be in Zurich in August! The parade started in the afternoon at 1pm and went on until midnight. There were lots of famous DJs playing like Klangkarussell, Animal Trainer, Bob Sinclair, Yves La Rock, Sidney Samson, Nervo, Luciano, Deniz Koyu, Adriatique, David Guetta and many more. After the parade I headed to Komplex 457 for a 3-floor electro party with Bingo Players, Bogore and other awesome acts. Continue reading

Pretty Ballerinas

Today I had one of the most perfect Sundays I could have wished for! I had some of my good friends over for a summer brunch (summer still hasn’t quite arrived in Zurich, but we are making the best out of it!). We had loads of different delicious food: brownies, muffins, fruit, pancakes, Birchermüesli (a typical swiss dish made out of milk, yoghurt, fruit and muesli), cheese, ham and many other things. A big thank you to all my guests for an amazing morning!Image

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Hat Party

ImageOn Saturday I was invited to a theme birthday party of a friend. As you can see from the pictures it was a hat party. All the guests were wearing all kinds of hats. For the occasion I brought a delicious homemade cheesecake with some fresh fruit. Continue reading