Singapore highlights

After living in Singapore during my exchange semester at the Singapore Management University I put together a little list of my absolutely favorite places – a little guide of my highlights if you’re only passing by for a couple of days:

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Japanese Food

Foodies, read on (lots of pictures of mouthwatering food will follow – I’ve warned you!)IMG_3270If you love to eat, especially fish & meat, Japan is the place for you to go. From sashimi so fresh, it still wiggles to kobe beef, which is so tender it will melt in your mouth. Continue reading

Pretty Ballerinas

Today I had one of the most perfect Sundays I could have wished for! I had some of my good friends over for a summer brunch (summer still hasn’t quite arrived in Zurich, but we are making the best out of it!). We had loads of different delicious food: brownies, muffins, fruit, pancakes, Birchermüesli (a typical swiss dish made out of milk, yoghurt, fruit and muesli), cheese, ham and many other things. A big thank you to all my guests for an amazing morning!Image

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Thai Noodle Mungo Wok

ImageHere’s my version of new recipe I recently discovered on the app “The Photo Cookbook”. It’s perfect as a light dinner or lunch since it only has about 234kcal per serving. Continue reading

Chocolate Cupcakes

ImageToday I decided to do some cupcakes and got some inspiration from my Jamie Oliver (America) cook book. I made some adjustments (especially for the sugar amount). Continue reading