Koh Lanta – beach, sunset and mango shakes

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Koh Phi Phi – paradise island?

Koh Phi Phi was not what I had expected it to be. I must say I stumbled on it randomly, but have found it to be “the paradise island” all the backpackers seem to look for (watch “The Beach” for reference, even if only for young Leo).

PP Beach early in the morning

PP Beach early in the morning

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Journey on the Mekong (Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong – Huay Xai – Pakbeng – Luang Prabang)

Three days & two nights, over 800km and 1700 B.

I started my adventure towards Laos from Chiang Mai, after deciding to skip the famous backpacker mecca of Pai. There were different options of traveling to Luang Prabang and I opted for the slow boat since I didn’t want to spend such a long time on a bus or risk my life on a speed boat. I booked directly at The Living Place Hostel where I was staying in Chiang Mai. The trip was well organized and the time schedule (which was followed almost meticulously).Image Continue reading

Backpacking through SE-Asia: Chiang Mai

 Arrival, transportation & hostel

I arrived at the Chiang Mai airport from Singapore and headed for the official taxi stand outside. The organization of the cabs was amazing: you would give your address to a woman which would calculate the price until your destination and then assign you a driver. Like this you were sure not to overpay the driver. I stayed at a hostel called The Living Place which was one of the best places I stayed at during my whole trip. The staff was really nice and introduced me to all people when I arrived (it was kind of weird when he went like “hey everybody, this is Giny” and everybody answered “hey Giny!”- I felt like joining a self-aid group). I slept in the room on the first floor (16 bed dorm) in a top bulk. The beds were clean, big and comfortable. The hostel itself was very clean and the owners (who had a travel/ booking agency) really cared for the guests and suggested and booked activities and trips. For the price it was a very good deal, but don’t expect anything too fancy- it’s just a nice and simple place to stay. I chilled out quite a lot at the hostel and met many nice people. In the evenings we played cards over some Changs and later went out to some clubs.

The street where the hostel was located

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Packing List – Backpacking for a month in SE Asia


As some of you might already know from my Instagram, I’ve been backpacking through South-East Asia for a whole month after my exams.  It’s been the first time I’ve been backpacking, and since I was pretty nervous before leaving I want to write down some advice regarding packing and preparing your trip, in case anybody feels the same way!

First of all I didn’t really want to plan much, and since I had my final exams I didn’t have much time either (I worked until 5h before my flight, so I mainly packed and got infos in the 2-3 evenings after work once I finished my exams). I used a backpack I already had at home (35 + 10 liters from Deuter), so I had to pack light to fit everything inside. I managed to pack 8kg (came back with 9kg, probably the one kg more was mainly sand since I didn’t buy much), and next time I would definitely try to take even less with me. Continue reading