Sweater Weather


Spring doen’t seem to be willing to finally hit Zurich. I found this super warm wool pullover in my closet, it must have been there for ages without me noticing! It’s super fluffy and warm, perfect for the cold weather we currently have here. Continue reading


Winterwonderland Saint Gallen

ImageFinally the winter seems to slowly fade away..before it does some memories of the beautiful snowy landscape… Continue reading

Skiing in St. Anton

ImageToday I went skiing with some friends in St. Anton (Austria). We had a pretty nice day, even if the snow was wet since the temperature was really high. We had lunch at the Ulmer Hรผtte and then headed directly to Mooserwirt for Aprรจs-ski because some fog had come up and it was to warm to ski. The Moosertwirt is really fun for aprรจs-ski, starting at 3pm everybody is drinking, singing and dancing. A must see if you go to St. Anton! Continue reading