Hiroshima & Miyajima (Isukushima)


The epicentre of the bomb landing

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Tokyo survival guide – Part I

_DSC4461“If you can’t find it in Tokyo, it doesn’t exist.”

Tokyo’s urban city vibe will get your heartbeatย toย rise. There’s something to do for everyone: art lovers can spend an entire week just by seeing all the modern art museums, foodies can indulge into the healthy local cuisine, architects can walk around facing the sky and be constantly amazed, anime-fans will find their heaven… Continue reading

Northern Kyushu – 3 days JR Kyushu Rail Pass

Looking for a new challenge and adventure I approached Hakata JR station in Fukuoka very early in the morning. I got myย 3-day JR Northern Kyushu Rail Pass (7000 Yen) and was extremely excited to start the journey._DSC5580 Continue reading

Kokura & Fukuoka – when nightmares became true and what I did against it


Rooftop of the JR station in Fukuoka – one of the most perfect moments

I must say that this part of my trip has been one of the toughest situations I have come across during my whole life. It’s been a real struggle, with myself and the surroundings. I’ve come too close to stopping my trip in Japan. Maybe that’s the reason why it took me over 2 months to finally write about it… Continue reading

Matsuyama – desert islands and urban jungles

_DSC5178What to do it you’re travelling in Japan during summertime, have been sweating your way around temples, onsens, night busses and just want to relax? You settle for the next best beach or pool you can find. Continue reading

Matsuyama Dogo Onsen – a guide to the Japanese hot springs


Matsuyama Dogo Onsen – Japan’s oldest onsen which inspired the movie Spirited Away

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Kyoto – Memoirs of a Geisha


Yukatas in Kyoto for the Gijon Matsuri Festival (July)

Less than an hour in a local train (45′, 560 Yen) and the scenery around me changed completely: I arrived in Kyoto, Japans old capital. I had been in Kyoto six years ago and was looking forward to relaxing a bit and taking some pictures of the city. Continue reading

Osaka’s Dotonbori – a foodie’s paradise in pictures


Yes, I do look tired. Just keep in mind that I had been traveling by night bus for 2 nights, sleeping in a hostel where nobody spoke a word of english (& I had to wait about 1h for somebody to let me in since I arrived around midnight) – so the delicious food was probably the best thing that could have happened to me then ๐Ÿ™‚


A short walk from Namba station lies the famous Dotonbori in Osaka – paradise for all of the foodies like me out there! Continue reading

Backpacking in Japan for a month – the itinerary

Japan Map Kopie

Map Legend:ย places – green (day trip), dark blue (3+ nights), light blue (2 nights), turquoise (1 night); lines – yellow (Willer bus pass), green (Japan Railway train), light blue (local night bus), black (night ferry)
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