New York, I love you (Part 3)


On my birthday we took the East River Ferry and had one of the most beautiful views from New York City. Continue reading


New York (Part 2)


After the Sandy storm was over we could finally go out! Here some picture of my favorite spots in New York: Continue reading

New York, New York: Sandy (Part 1)


On my last Birthday I got the most amazing present I could have wished for: a trip to New York City! I had been there in the Summer of 2000 (so yes, I’ve been on the Twin Towers), but so much has changed since then. From Washington D.C. we took the train to New York and arrived there a couple of days before my actual Birthday and unfortunately Sandy also arrived then. We were really lucky to have managed to arrive in New York, a couple of hours after we arrived the Grand Central Station was closed. Luckily we were staying at the Hyatt Hotel near the Grand Central so were just 3 blocks further north than were the power went off and the houses were evacuated. Continue reading