Washington D.C. Part 3: The White House


In Washington I couldn’t miss for any chance the White House! I was astonished by how it was surveilled by many and many police officers (even on the roofs!). Unfortunately I didn’t manage to see Obama (just spotted his helicopter, that counts doesn’t it?) but at least the place he spends more time in. Fortunately he got reelected a couple of days later! Continue reading


Washington D.C. Part 2: The fish market


Besides Georgetown my favorite spot in Washington was the fish market with all it’s delicious crabs, oysters, fish, shrimps…We had the best crab curry at a small fish bar next to the market. Really delicious! Continue reading

Washington D.C. and Virginia: Part 1


My last (and by far best) birthday present from my parents was a trip to the U.S. last November. We went to Washington D.C., Virginia and New York!! It was such a cool experience, and even if I’d been in NYC and LA before I was really amazed by all the cool stuff I saw. The first picture has been taken in Virginia (love the name of the state!) at the airport. First thing I did arriving in the U.S. was ordering my favorite Starbucks Latte (Pumpkin Spiced) and some pumpkin cake (yes, I am totally a pumpkin addict). We stayed for a couple of days in Washington before heading to New York. Continue reading