Abu Galum

ImageMy last post about Egypt will be about my favorite place I visited there: Abu Galum. It’s a natural park which has been protected by the law from building, littering and modifying. The coral reef there is one of the most famous and beautiful in the whole world. Continue reading


Last Day in Egypt: The white cotton dress

ImageAll the good things come to an end, so did my vacation in Egypt. I really enjoyed a week of relax at the beach. Thank you to all the people that made my holiday special! Continue reading

An afternoon at the beach

ImageDuring the day there was not much to do in Sharm, so I spent most of my mornings and early afternoons lying in the sun and going swimming in the sea (the coral cliff with so many beautiful fish to see was really worth going into the cold water for some snorkeling).Image Continue reading

Sharm El Sheikh: The old town

ImageSharm El Sheikh has apart from Nama Bay also an “old town” (Most of the buildings in Sharm are younger than 40 years, since the town was created for tourists around the 1980s). There you’ll find among lots of tourist souvenirs also a little bit of everyday life of Egyptians. The prices are really low compared to Nama Bay, so if you plan on buying anything, this is the right place for you!  Continue reading

Camel ride in the desert

ImageWe went on a really nice excursion where we were taken around by locals. We started our day at 7.30am to head with jeeps direction desert. Continue reading

Tamra Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

ImageAfter a four hour flight I finally arrived in Sharm, where we got to our awesome Tamra Beach Ressort. The hotel was really nice, with room for over 700 people and 6 pools!  Fortunately there were not so many people since there it’s also still winter (the temperature was around 24-27°C during the day and 15-17°C during the evening). Continue reading