Hiroshima & Miyajima (Isukushima)


The epicentre of the bomb landing

Hiroshima is definitely a must-see in Japan for everybody interested in getting to know the culture and people. The Hiroshima peace memorial park and museum explain in a very interesting and visually appealing way the history behind the atomic bomb which hit the city over 40 years ago. Spend a day walking around the city and be amazed by how things have been built up again from scratch. _DSC5768To go around Hiroshima the best way is to rent a bike (or for the lazy ones the streetcar). The bike is faster, cheaper and gives you the chance to see more of what happens around you. It’s also really easy to get around._DSC5772As a cheap accommodation I can recommend the Roku hostel which had the most friendly staff I’ve met in a hostel and hadΒ a very cozy and nice environment._DSC5687IMG_2902Hiroshima is famous for it’s Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), which is made out of noodles, eggs, fish/ meat & veggie. I personally don’t like it because of the fishy taste (the only Japanese dish I won’t eat), but it’s a real delight for most people!



From Hiroshima you can reach the Itsukushima island for a day trip. It’s a nice place to see beautiful little deer and a nice tori. It’s one of the top spots for taking pictures according to lonely planet. I would suggest to go there if you have extra time in Hiroshima. The cheapest way to go there is by street car, the fastest by JR train (or cheapest if you have the JR pass which covers the ride). Half a day there is enough to explore the little island!

_DSC5713 _DSC5715 _DSC5718 _DSC5719 _DSC5727 _DSC5731

I’ve spent quite some time relaxing in Hiroshima, but if you’re in a rush travelling with your JR pass one day in Hiroshima and half a day in Miyajima should be enough to cover the main sights. Hiroshima is also a great place to go out at night and go clubbing!


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