Kobe in black & white

Kobe beef!  Besides having heard of Kobe beef I didn’t really know what was expecting me in Kobe. From Osaka I decided to do a day trip there and took a train early in the morning. I opted for the “lazy-tourist” way of exploring the city and hopped on the city loop bus which did a complete tour of the city within one hour._DSC5789Many tourist attractions where built for asian tourists (like a village with little houses showing how life in Europe looks like). I took a lazy day, strolled through some pictoresque streets and indulged into the heavenly meat of Kobe beef, visited sake breweries and went to the Kobe Fashion Museum. The architecture in Kobe was very interesting and completely different than Osaka or other surrounding cities- the western influence could be seen clearly in many buildings. Kobe has more to offer than the beef (which has been the best steak I’ve had in my entire life) & is definitely worth a half to one day trip! _DSC5831 - Version 2  _DSC5844 - Version 2 _DSC5851 - Version 2 _DSC5855 - Version 2 _DSC5861 - Version 2 _DSC5866 - Version 2


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